Sunday, June 28, 2009

One Year Ago Today....

I summoned up the courage to ask my wonderful girlfriend to be my wife. If you want to relive the whole story go here. We have since been married for a little over 6 months and are enjoying (almost) every moment. Plenty of things have happened in the last year and I don't know if I would have predicted any of it. We have made it through the good and the bad and I'm sure there will be more of both in the future. A couple of our friends that we have met in KC have started dating exactly one year after Stefanie and I did (Aug. 9). We were kind of hoping they would get engaged today in order to further solidify our destiny as lifelong buddies (we think things will still work out well). I guess there is still a little bit of time left in the day. As a side note, we will be getting our wedding pictures next weekend when we go to the lake to visit my family over the holiday. Be looking for those to be posted somewhere online if you'd like to see them again.

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Rachel said...

Truly fabulous post, Scott. And my sincere apologies for not getting engaged on Sunday. Hahaha.

But I still think we're destined to be lifelong friends based on the anniversary similarity along with the half birthday/real birthday sharing that Stefanie and I have. So be encouraged!