Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Engagement Story

Where to begin...we had just spent Friday & Saturday at my grandma's house in Poteau. The funny thing is that my aunt & cousins thought that the reason for our visit had to do with us announcing our engagement to the family (it was not...pretty sure they were disappointed). We left Poteau Saturday evening to head back to NWA. After a pit stop at my parents' house, we stopped at the local neighborhood Wal-Mart to pick up a movie at the AMAZING Redbox (we also grabbed some movie watching snacks....chocolate & gummy bears). We then made our way to Scott's house to watch the movie & hang out. After the movie was over, we were talking & Scott said, "I wonder if it's still clear out?".....I said, (being the gullible person that I am, I thought he was talking about the storms that had just passed through the area) "I don't think it's supposed to storm anymore tonight." A few minutes later, Scott said, "I'll be right back", & he went to his bedroom. He came back out with his flip-flops on & grabbed my hand to go outside. I was a little confused. WHY were we going outside?? It was a gorgeous night outside. The stars were bright & clear, the weather was perfect (cool with a slight breeze), & it reminded me a lot of one of our first dates at his house. We were enjoying looking at the stars, when a car drove by. It was so funny because Scott was like "Ugh...a car's coming"....after the car passed, Scott bent down to "straighten his jeans" & he got down on his knee. After telling me how much he loved me (and more that you're just NEVER going to know about), he pulled out the ring box & asked me to marry him. OF COURSE I said "YES!!". Needless to say, I wasn't expecting anything that night, & I was a little giddy & jumpy the remainder of the night.

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Pete said...

nice job scottie! stephanie,
i can't wait to meet you...i've
heard lots of good things about

-pete mc