Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Here I GO!

Well...it looks as though Scott has taken over the blog. I guess that I'm just a slacker when it comes to this. Here is a current update of our wedding plans thus far.

1.) We have a location (Southside Church of Christ in Rogers, AR) & date/time (Dec. 13, 2008 @ 2 p.m.).
2.) We have a budget set in place & many spreadsheets to help with organization! haha
3.) We have a color scheme selected (raspberry & light pink).
4.) We have my bridesmaids selected (6 in all)....maybe I'm getting too carried away! :)
5.) We have our invitations pretty much done & our guest list is coming together nicely.
6.) We have our wedding cake decided on & working on coming up with a groom's cake plan.
7.) We've decided on what flowers we're going to have (various shades of pink roses, white carnations, & calla lillies in my bouquet....the bridesmaids will have white roses).
8.) We have the majority of our music selected (at least the processional...still working on the recessional).
9.) Oh....I've found my dress!!! Pretty sure anyway. My mom & Roberta are going this weekend with me to finalize it (hopefully they'll love it just as much as I do). :) Scott does NOT know what it looks like. My plan is for him not to see it until the wedding day!

Notice that I've put "we" all through this list. Scott really has been a great help throughout this process! God truly blessed me by bringing Scott into my life!!! I know that sometimes (probably MOST of the time) Scott could think of a dozen other things he'd rather discuss, but he's always willing to listen & nod his head. haha! He's wonderful, as you all already know!!!!


David and Whitney Scott said...

I thought you had a photographer. Hhmmmm.... :)

jackie chesnutt said...

Apparently, not a REAL photographer!