Friday, October 31, 2008

Office Fun

Saturday, October 25, 2008

You're Invited

Some of you will get a hard copy of this, some will see it via a church news or on a bulletin board, and some will get it through email or facebook. We want you all to know that no matter how you see it, you are invited and we would love to have you attend our big day. You can help us out by sending us your RSVP (a link on the right is also available). If you are coming in from out of town, there is information about the Rogers area under the "Wedding Links" section on the right.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yo Yo!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Mule day

Today Stef and I took part in what makes small town America amazing. That's right, today (and every 2nd Sat. in October) was the Pea Ridge mule jump. We were not exactly sure what to expect since neither one of us had been before. While, the earlier divisions (51" & under and over 51") were not super exciting, the pro mule class brought quite a bit of excitement. Before we knew it we were caught up in all of the drama. (yes, it actually was pretty dramatic)

a mule getting pumped up for the big jump

preping for a jump

enjoying the festivities

our mule stamps

one of the "pro" mules

facing the wrong direction

up and over

such athleticism

The winners tied by clearing jumps of 66". Neither one was able to muster one more inch at 67". One of the most entertaining things was watching one of the handlers get his mule "Radar" all pumped up before a jump. Be sure to check out the video below.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wedding Month

October 1st kicked off what Stefanie and I are officially calling "wedding month." There are less than 70 days to go and that reality hit us today. This morning (Saturday) the two of us went and watched Stefanie's 7 year old niece's soccer game. That was entertaining, to say the least. After that we headed out to register. The plan was to leave the game, head to Bed, Bath & Beyond, grab a bite to eat, go to Target, stop by Walmart and then head home. The soccer game was over around 11 and I was thinking that we would be done around 4 in time for me to grill up some pork chops for dinner. Those of you who have been through this process before probably know where this story is headed. We went to Bed, Bath & Beyond first and met with one of their "bridal consultants" (or whatever the official title is) and got started. 2.5ish hours later I had learned more than I ever needed to know about flatware, bakeware, cutlerly and coffee makers. We finished up and I handed over my beloved barcode scanner. By this time we were quite hungry, so we made a stop at the mall food court before journeying to Fayetteville (since the Target in Rogers isn't finished yet). We paced every aisle in Target and eventually decided that we could leave. On the way home we stopped at Walmart to pick up some envelopes for invitations. By this time it is past 6 so we decided to stop at Chick-fil-a and grab dinner (I wasn't too keen on fixing dinner anymore). While the whole process wasn't without pain, I'm glad it is done (for the most part) and didn't take up more than one day. (I added links to the registries on the side bar and in this post if you are curious) Stefanie is still going to add a few things online (I'm glad that there won't have to be any more trips to the store) and hopefully that will be it.

In other news, this month we are going to be spending many glorious hours addressing invitations, writing checks, gathering pictures and songs for slideshows, making hotel arrangements, and who knows what else will come about.

Stefanie also finished her first week of teaching 2nd grade for a teacher on materity leave. It has been a bit of a change of pace and she is already working on building up her immunities via the common cold. Things get a little better every day as she and the students make adjustments.

Now I've stayed up too late just to give you guys the update I promised. I must sleep. Goodnight all.

Thursday, October 2, 2008