Thursday, July 9, 2009

Support Free Honduras

I usually try to refrain from political topics here. However, I urge you to do some research into the current situation in Honduras. Check out and for more information. Below I have copied the letter I sent to my representative in the House. I encourage you to find your Congressmen/women and write them about any issue you are concerned about. You can easily do that at this website.


Mr. Moore, I am writing as a concerned member of the 3rd district of Kansas. Recent events in the Central American country of Honduras have created quite a news frenzy, one I believe is very misleading. Terms like "coup" and "military uprising" completely mischaracterize the situation. The Honduran Constitution clearly outlines a one term limit for the President. The people/government of Honduras were simply acting on their Constitution. There was no "coup" involved. Article 239 — No citizen who has already served as head of the Executive Branch can be President or Vice-President. Whoever violates this law or proposes its reform, as well as those who support such violation directly or indirectly, will immediately cease in their functions and will be unable to hold any public office for a period of 10 years. It would seem obvious what America's response would be. It was not that long ago that a young nation was being formed. The founders of this country envisioned a living document that would preserve the nation well beyond their individual lives. The Constitution of the United States of America is the document that gives us our freedom. Many men and women have fought and will continue to die in order to protect it. It is because of this devotion that one would assume that America would jump at the chance to uphold a similar document for a developing country. Unfortunately, our government officials have sent a completely different message. I am calling on you, Mr. Moore, as a representative of the people, to make our voice heard, by speaking up for Honduras and Constitutions across the world. If we are so quick to dismiss another country's governing document, what will happen when our own Constitution is under attack? What would happen if the roles were reversed? I urge you to consider the consequences of our actions in this matter and pass this on to your peers. Thank you. Scott McReynolds

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Jaired B. Hall said...

Hey Scott:

By and large, an excellent letter to your Congressman. I don't know much about the situation, but from the facts detailed in your letter, I'd say you're spot on.

I wonder though . . . are you a little too optimistic about our own adherence to our own constitution?

After all, the right of Obama to be president may be as illegitimate as the right of the ousted Honduran president by clear constitutional terms (based on his citizenship). Would you support an attack on D.C. ousting Obama and either holding another election or putting Biden in the position?

And if we should physically go in and oust Obama, is the fact that we have not done so proof that we have already had our Constitution assaulted and we have already given up on the fight? Have we been lulled to sleep and allowed a peaceful coup of our own rights and the shredding of our own foundational legal document?

Just thoughts for you to chew on.