Sunday, March 22, 2009

We're Here

Yesterday the movers unloaded all of our stuff into our new apartment.  We have been unpacking boxes since around 3pm yesterday and have made pretty good progress.  After a trip to Lowe's, we now have an operational washer & dryer and shelf paper to install.  If anyone needs boxes or paper to stuff in them, let us know.  We are swimming in it right now.  We are excited about going to church this morning and I am anxious and excited about starting my new job tomorrow.  The apartment is a little smaller than the house in Pea Ridge, but we will adjust and in a couple of weeks we won't notice it as much.  Stefanie really likes the "coziness" of the living room.  We look forward to meeting new friends and having old ones come visit.  Let us know if you will be in the area, we would love to see you.

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Michael said...

I'm glad your move went well. I hope your new job goes well starting this week. So I see that you start a new job on the 100th day of you guys being married. A lot has happened in your first 100 days of being married.