Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pay it Forward

In the mornings I usually have my alarm set to radio. For the last couple of months, the dial has been tuned to KLRC, the local Christian radio station.  While Christian radio sometimes bugs me, I have come to appreciate the positive message, especially when I am starting my day.  Lately they have been promoting their "Pay it Forward" campaign and I have heard some cool stories about what people are doing.  Anything from giving away gently used furniture after an upgrade, to free firewood for a family that can't afford to buy propane, has crossed the airwaves.  I challenge you (and myself) to check out their blog for ideas big and small (Thursday has been declared "Drive Thru Difference Day") on how you can pay it forward.  To top it off, tonight was the last lesson in our Financial Peace Class and we talked about giving.  It is really fun to think about (and hear stories about) the great joy that comes from giving.  Ultimately, that is the point of the class.  Being able to put yourself in a financial position where you can use God's money to truly bless people (Dave teaches to always give, even when getting out of debt) can be very rewarding and a ton of fun.  I look forward to the day when I can write a check for $5,000 or more to help a strugling couple, pay for a stranger's hospital bills, or tell my kids that college is taken care of.  Let your imagination run wild and learn to give as God has given.

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